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Since 1987

Life at Reindeer Farm

Welcome to Ounaskievari!

“We are looking forward for you to visit us here in our reindeer farm on the bank of River Ounas. The main house has over 100 years history as a hostelry when people from the North were on their way South. Food was also served if it was ready. River Ounas was an important route between Northern and Southern Lapland. Typical way of transportation was a reindeer sleigh and a horse sledge. 

We have developed the services that we have today by respecting nature and ancient culture of reindeer hearding. With the experience of more than 30 years, we offer reindeer sleigh rides and activities during the winter and short hiking tours during the summer.

You’re more than welcome to visit us!”

Johanna Hietanen



Reindeer sleigh rides and activities

Our target is to offer fun and safe experience with reindeer. They are semi-wild animals and they’ve been always been used for transport. It takes years to train them.

We offer a variety of reindeer activities, and also special transportation like a wedding sleigh rides.

Our Programmes

We arrange transfers to our programmes.

We also arrange different kind of combinations of our activities including short or longer dog and reindeer rides and meals at the hut of Silmävasa.

If it is colder than -25 degrees below zero we may have to cancel these programmes.


The hut of Silmävasa is built in the middle of the forest but you can also see the lights of Levi Centre. You’ll get there by reindeer, dogs, car or snowmobile. If you’re lucky, you might meet Santa.


You’re warmly welcome!

We have been operating our reindeer farm in Levi for about 30 years. Our main house is located on the bank of the River Ounas, in the beautiful traditional scenery of Köngäs.

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